Career protection for medical professionals

Regardless of the field of medicine you have chosen, by helping your patients you often expose yourself to a range of health threats.  Some of these like needle stick injuries, can have devastating effect on your career, and your long term earning capacity.

As highly trained and specialised professionals, you have a good understanding of how damaging illness and injury can be, so you have every reason to protect yourself from harm.

It has been many years since HIV & AIDS hit the headlines, and since then people working in medical professions have been all too aware of the dangers presented by Blood Borne Diseases (BBD’s).

Despite the increased awareness, the threat of BBD’s still exists in Australia, particularly in our hospitals.  The most common form of exposure relates to ‘sharps’, or accidental contact with needles and scalpels^.  Sharps and needlestick injury incidents in Australia affect at least 18,000 healthcare workers each year*.  Medical professionals also face the same health risks as everyone else – like cancer and heart disease – that have the potential to destroy everything that you’ve worked so hard for.  To help protect yourself, we can assist with tailored advice for all medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, optometrist, radiographers and pathologists.  Have you thought about:

  •  Life  insurance (term & TPD)
  • Critical Illness (also known as trauma insurance)
  • Income Protection

If you are self employed or in a partnership, have you thought about:

  •  Principal dependency.  Is your business heavily reliant upon you?
  •  Business succession (buy/sell) agreement.  If you are in a partnership do you have the correct arrangements in place if something were to happen to you?

Whether you are after a review of your existing insurance, or you are looking for new advice or assistance in obtaining additional insurance cover, contact us.  Together we can look at your circumstances and discuss the best options available to you.

New to the medical profession?

As a new medical professional, you have dedicated your future to the care of others.  But what if sickness or injury meant that you were the one who needed looking after?  With much riding on your ability to earn an income, it pays to protect yourself financially with insurance.

For an insurance offer tailored for new medical professionals, we encourage you to contact us to see how we can help you.


^ Murphy C. ‘improved surveillance and mandated use of sharps with engineered sharp injury protections: a national call to action’.  Healthcare Infection 2008.

* Alliance for Sharps Safety And Needlestick Prevention in Healthcare, Media release, 4 October 2013.


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