Who’s acting in your best interests?

As a Lawyer, your clients look to you to protect their best interests. But who’s looking out for you and your family?  What if sickness or accident meant that you were the one that needed looking after?

Your health is your most important asset; without it there’s no work, no income, and no way to pay the bills.  And if you have a family or business, personal or business debt, or both, there’s a lot riding on it.

Can you survive without an income?

Think what would happen if you couldn’t work because of sickness or injury?

  • How would you keep up with the bills?
  • Could you handle additional medical expenses?
  • Who would look after you if you needed care?
And what if you run a business?
  •  Could you repay the business debts?
  •  Could you, or your business partner, afford to buy each other out?
  •  If you have to sell the business, would you be able to find a buyer?

To protect everything you’ve achieved, and everything you hold dear, you need a back-up plan if you get sick or injured.  Talk to us about strategies where we can:

  •  Protect your lifestyle by covering against the loss of your income – either on a temporary or permanent basis.
  •  Cover yourself against increased medical expenses associated with sickness or injury.
  •  Look for policies with flexible features – like premium waivers, and the ability to top-up your super while you’re off work.
  •  Assist with personal debt protection to help ensure your debts are covered if you can’t work again.
Are you just starting out as a Lawyer?

Newly qualified lawyers can find it difficult to get the insurance they need, mainly because of the proof of income often required.

We have access to insurance providers that can help you protect yourself without the need to provide any financial evidence.  If you want to learn more about income protection for new lawyers, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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